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Pattaya: 300,000 doses of vaccine assigned - but rollout isn’t until June


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1 hour ago, Soikhaonoiken said:

Why is there such a long wait before starting vaccination, if you have the vaccine in needs to be put in Arms ASAP...... or are you telling porkies and you haven't got any vaccine,  why doesn't this Government just come clean.... 


You almost answered your own question.  Supply/demand.  Everyone want's it and not enough to go around.  Should get better after the US/UK are mostly finished vaccinating and start exporting in two or three more months.  I think that is partly why they are talking about June/July and not sooner.

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300,000 Doses are enough to fully Vaccinate 150,000 people.

There are over 600,000 " residents " of Pattaya.

Does quite cut the Mustard does it.

Is this Vaccination site the same Sports Center that Hosts all the Cattle Shows Etc

Very Hygienic

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