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Caution voiced over premature reopening of Thailand to international visitors

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Also to consider the widespread use of Sinovac here. One does of Sinovac gives very little protection. So people getting Sinovac shouldn't really be counted until weeks after their SECOND dose.

what this guy possibly knows about virus? he's not even a general!

The man is pretty much spot on.  So even if Phuket gets 70% of its population vaccinated, the returning workers from Issan won't be vaccinated.  A little short sighted this government is 

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Still unclear on the metrics for opening "in 120 days".


50 million people vaccinated. Does that mean one dose? Two?


Kinda basic stuff to define, or is that left to the committee?




Testing location, volume.


Infection rate






Vaccination numbers


Need cash now

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let us get something straight in one simple question without dancing on the subject.


Does the government believe that fully vaccinated (2 dosages) are safe to enter Thailand without quarantine? Is there any evidence that fully vaccinated tourists can infect other?



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Get your own house in order Thailand ! If you dont , and start opening  too early , it will be you thats a super spreader with its own variant delegation - the Thai Variant . Immunise ALL asap !

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8 hours ago, Jingthing said:

Also to consider the widespread use of Sinovac here. One does of Sinovac gives very little protection. So people getting Sinovac shouldn't really be counted until weeks after their SECOND dose.

Actually a friend of mine who was in Samut Sakhorn when all this started and got vaccinated just as that cluster unfolded... shared results.



31/03/2021 was the first shot, 26/4 is actually 2 weeks after 2nd shot... Only 6 weeks after 2nd shot numbers looked favourable. So comment above is spot on.


But there's one twist to this - most if not all vaccines are using original Wuhan detected virus as their base to build immunity for. Against that one they are likely very effective. But with more and more mutations, their effectiveness will decrease. What I wonder is if vaccine makers are actually tweaking their vaccines to adapt, or is that only coming at some later stage through booster shots?

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lets get some perspective here,the chinese vacc doesnt offer a great deal of cover compared to other vaccs,it has side effects,my friends in hk wont use it,the news coming out of china frightens them.the vacc roll out heres a joke,info like where to go and testing etc is like rocking horse <deleted>.foreigners are still the evil demon and are not invited to the party but sure is a mean smart virus it knows the difference between a burmese

,a yank, a brit and a thai.weve no chance!every day 100  or so die on the roads,that hasnt stopped the economy for yrs and the fatalities from covid are by and large the sick and old and a hell of a lot less than die on the roads.......if you keep pushing it back and back changing goalposts youll never recover.whats next? jab the cats and dogs,thats a possibility according to some 'experts',kids are now a suspected reservoir,but if youve had both jabs!!??its never ending.whats next ahhh global warming so we will be limited in the no of flights we can get on in the future but of course that wont apply to the pollys and the likes of bono.1984 well its already here my phone knows when i use the toilet.and itll tell someone thats for sure.no wonder they make you use your phone for everything.the  thought police are already amongst us see the woke crew in the west,checking your thoughts what you say read or access then like china they will give you a score.aghhh you failed...step this way a little uigher re education for you my boy.this govt well good luck ive t shirts with higher IQs and as all this comes to pass not a word on the cause CHINA

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