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I'm looking for a cheap, basic but reliable tablet for my 8yr old granddaughter. Something she can use mainly for her schoolwork but with the ability to also watch some Youtube.

I'm on a budget of around 2000 baht. I really don't want to go much higher than that.

Any ideas? 

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7 minutes ago, balo said:

You can buy lots of tablets under 2000 baht on Lazada.  Most of them are not brand names , or pretending to be, but still works fine. Just read the reviews posted there. 

This one claims to be Huawei, but the price is too cheap.   

If you want original brands the prices start from 5000 and up. 



Over 170 one star reviews most saying it's no good. It does state no brand meaning copy

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My 2 granddaughters are happy enough with the predecessor

( Iplay 8 is a bit cheaper but does not have  SIM card  option and less ram)

to this  AlldoCube  Iplay 8T    only problem being broken by some oaf doing a

"big daddy splash" onto it and smashing the screen

Yes a bit over your budget. ( but includes telephony/mobile internet option)


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14 minutes ago, CharlieH said:

I have tried this route, cheaper Chinese models dont last long, the battery starts to need charging too often and eventually dies.

Its false economy in my opinion. I now stick to the old addage of "buy cheap, you'll buy twice".


A 2000bt tablet will probably not do the job you want it to do. The alldocube above is a good choice at 3099bt.

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Thanks for the advice everyone. I get your point about the cheap Chinese stuff.

I'll take a look at the alldocube.

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I just purchased a cheap android tablet for kids homeschool but found out it does not support line app screensharing. I'm not sure why and now looking at the alldocube. Anyone using it with Line app care to share their experience.

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