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vanishing apps on android phone?

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Last few days several apps have just disappeared (android 10) Not hidden or uninstalled and nobody has touched the phone except me. Re started phone, logged out and in again on google and checked playstore. No record of uninstall but it will read not installed on the missing ones. So far line, lazada, daily mail and yahoo mail have gone. Re installed them but lost data on line. Could it be playstore or phone? no virus can be found.

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When you say "gone" do you mean the launching icon, of which there can be multiple "copies" on different screens has gone missing?


More often than not, this is due to fat fingers - happens to me all the time.


That said, see this issue a lot via a Google search. Many reasons.


What is the make and model? Did you get a manufacturer's SW update recently?


Is this a new issue which just popped up over the "last few days"? So before, for some long period, everything was fine? Then wham, last Friday apps started uninstalling?




Likely an issue with your phone/SW seeing a need to uninstall these apps. Challenging to trocuble-shoot remotely without any detail.





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