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Currently, I have an AIS Marathon Sim which gives me 100GB of data per month at a speed of 10Mbps costing 1790 baht for the entire year .  But in the last few days it doesn't seem speedy.  My year is up and think to get the same deal I have to change my number which is OK with me.  But I would like to explore alternatives.   Anyone have a similar plan with True or DTAC?  Anyone know where a True shop is in Pattaya?  I believe the one at Central Festival closed.

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Maybe you used up your 100 GB allowance for the month or maybe just not in a good location.


BEFORE you splash out on a annual SIM, buy a normal SIM from the same network and run a speed test at your location. If you obtain consistently higher than 10 Mbps, then go forward with your purchase. Don't cheap out and then complain afterwards that you aren't getting the expected speed. 50 baht on a SIM will save you from that fate.








If you buy from their branded shops you will get the 100 GB per month variety. Buying online from an independent distributor as above,  gets you unlimited. With the exception of DTAC:

https://www.dtac.co.th/en/prepaid/simdtac.html Though instead of 1,390, it will be 1,600.



But do that SIM speed test firstly.





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14 hours ago, shortstop2 said:

But in the last few days it doesn't seem speedy.  My year is up


If the term is completed then you probably revert  to some default speed like 64/128 Kbps?


What does the MyAIS app say about the status of your account?


Enjoy internet 4G/3G at speed 10Mbps quota 100GB/month. After the 4G/3G data allowance is reached, customers can use unlimited data at the speed of 128Kbps.


After package expired (12 months)
Call to all networks 0.99 Baht/minute
Internet 2 Baht/MB
SMS 3 Baht/message, MMS 4 Baht/message
SIM Price is 7%VAT inclusive. Calling and value-added service fees are 7% VAT exclusive
After package expired, you can change the package by calling *777. In case you have changed the package before package expired, you cannot resume to NET MARTHON’s Package.






Seems like a decent promotion, seeing 1,590 just today at the usual suspects.






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If, on a 50 baht DTAC SIM, you can get get as much as 20 Mbps, then you can uprate their 10 Mbps annual pack to a 20 Mbps annual pack for 120 baht. You can also add free calls to all networks for another 500 baht, as the pack includes only within network calls for free.

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