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What return flight date should I book?

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Hello all. I'm preparing my Tourist Visa application for the London embassy. I'm applying for a 60 day Tourist visa and then extend to 90 days when I'm in Thailand. My question is should I book my return flight for up to 90 days? I'm concerned that if I do I may have problems having a 60 day visa with a 90 day return date. I did email the embassy but their reply was not clear. Hopefully someone who has actual experience will reply rather than conjecture. Thanks.


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If needed the onward ticket normally has to be within 60 days. Normally a onward ticket is not required.

Looking at the requirements on the e visa site there seems to to an error the requirements.

It states this but does not mention a ticket to here.

"3. Evidence of travel from Thailand (air ticket paid in full)."

Source: https://thaievisa.go.th/tourist-visa





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Interesting. My advice is different and as result needs to be verified.

In my experience an onward flight is NOT required for SETV application. 

In normal times when applying in person a flight INTO Thailand is required. That is all.

In contrast if flying visa exempt an onward flight is (maybe) required and that is for airline when boarding.

On the issue of boarding pass the airline does not look for evidence of onward flight if pp has visa to Thailand or reentry permit.


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