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Database containing personal info of 106 million international visitors to Thailand was exposed online


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3 hours ago, ThailandRyan said:

Boo you villages speak everything except Bangkok Thai. Village I lived in near Wang Sam MO the ladies spoke Lao, Issan Thai, and Khmer. Hard to learn those quickly.

There are many languages spoken in Thailand but the language of law etc is Central Thai.  I didn't learn Khamen but picking up Laos is extremely useful, but this has little to do with databases, which at some point require a knowledge of English and a technician/designer capable of doing the job, which includes protection from hacking and regular monitoring.

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On 9/22/2021 at 12:27 PM, ThailandRyan said:

The biggest issue, is do they want to notify all who have had information exposed, and just how the hell do you do that.  I mean do they send a list to each embassy and leave it to the embassy to notify the individual, and then at the end of the day exactly what does one need to do except keep checking their own personal history.  

Sending that information to embassies would be a good idea. And while we can't do that much knowing that our info was compromised, at least that can allow us to be on the lookout for identify theft, false documents being given to your bank, turning on 2FA on accounts, etc.... (or even change your passport.)

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