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Database containing personal info of 106 million international visitors to Thailand was exposed online

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Not surprised, surprised it didn't happen sooner though... for the Thais, a stark reminder of their past tourism glory and the ashes of past glory that it is now...

A redacted sample of the exposed database.   An unsecured database containing international travel records dating back 10 years was left exposed on the web   PAUL BISCHOFF TECH WRI

Thailand: The Hub of Database Breaches 2021!

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2 hours ago, Thujone said:

So, hopefully the details given for the vaccination program are as safe as houses...

Yeah, and then it was about the safety of the Thai construction sector..........

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Unsurprisingly ! 🤦🏻‍♂️ You just can’t rely not to mention the word “trust “ anyone you’re dealing with your own personal information period, especially over the internet .They’re just too messy and disorganised and needless to say can’t care less ! 

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8 minutes ago, rbkk said:

You mean this?


Exactly. You just forgot to put the funny emo´s as faces on the poor bastards like they do in this country. I mean, it must be legal to do so then, right? 😉 

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With their full requirements for hundreds of signed photocopies of all our personal information identity theft and other scams are always around the corner. Signed Passport, bankstatements, home address, phone-numbers, emails, photos of urself at ur home inside, some signed documents copied 5x each and submitting 4x a year!!

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What we need is  yet another  app, Ill be giving the ususal M.Mouse  D  Duck same as for the covid  nonsense  filling in forms at every shop or some cr app.

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