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Never had to deal with this myself, but since it is a pretty common problem in humanity, I would guess any doctor i.e. in Memorial hospital would be qualified to deal with it. If you want to spend more, go to Bangkok hospital Pattaya

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Can't help but feel sorry for you mate. I had the same thing some years back. I had the operation and post op I could only walk on tip toes for a while. And then one has to endure going for ones first number 2. It'll make you sweat. But all these years later I'm glad I had it done.

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If you need any surgery.... the words to remember are "stapled hemorrhoidectomy"




Despite the -ectomy (appendectomy, hysterectomy... legectomy... no seriously, I think the docs got fed up with all the Latin and Greek and said screw it - we'll just call it a legectomy) in the name... this procedure does NOT remove your hemorrhoids.

Which is a good thing... they form a useful liquid and gas tight seal after all.

And the wounds are stapled and well up inside you... rather than around your sphincter - and since stitches are meant to hold things closed whereas sphincters... not so much. The result of that is a phrase you don't want to hear or read about your ring piece - "open wounds".

so.. yeah. If the -ectomy is needed.. ask if they have done (or whether it's available) the stapled method. If not, walk gently to somewhere else where they do have it as a treatment option.

Bangkok Hospital, Bangkok being one... 

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