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Non-teaching one year contract entitlements

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I've read quite a few articles on here relating to fixed one year contracts that have been renewed and employee entitlements over severance but it doesn't seem to be clear to me, hence the post.  Note this post isn't for teachers where I understand different rules may apply depending on whether the teacher works for a government school or private one.


1) It is my understanding that it's quite common for foreigners to be offered 1 year contracts that are renewed each year.  The question is are these contracts for a fixed term temporary and therefore do not entitle the employee to any sort of severance/redundancy benefits that an open contract would do?  


Some of the posts I read state that successive one year contracts in effect treat the person as an employee.  Further if the role within the contract continues after the expiry of say the second 1-year contract then the person is entitled to severance, and if so under what exact conditions?


Grateful for any advice and experiences from fellow members. 


2)  Furthermore, if the the first year contract expires but a new one isn't offered upon the expiry date but the person still continues to work, would the answer to 1) be any different?  


Thanks in advance.







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