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Reputable BKK Companies

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@tamsam6 I used a Bkk company Dragon Energy to fully install a 15Kw Huawai system in Issan. I cannot fault the guys on workmanship. I know enough about Solar and electronics to know I know "F" all. The guys doing the installation where neat in their work and you could tell they knew what they were doing. I would recommend them to anyone around the BKK area. I would not recommend them up here in Issan simply because of the back up support. I had some minor issues with installation and computer readouts of performance data which meant they had to come from Bkk to rectify. I'm also 3 months  overdue on a 6 month warranty check on the system which understandably they cannot do because of Covid restrictions. I'm not sure if I would use the Huawei solar system again. Not because of quality which they have an excellent reputation but because once you start using their product you are committed to using only their products. It's like an apple and android phone, nothing is compatible except the original brand  . I'm now putting in a 15kwh battery supply with a back up box to supply power when there is a blackout. I had no option but to use Huawei Batteries.. Once again Huawei have an excellent reputation for quality but at a price. The warranty in Thailand is only 5 years. 10 years is the norm in Western Countries.


They do install many other brands of solar so do your research before you buy. Think about upgrading and compatibility in the future etc. A lesson learnt by me with limited options.


Link to my Installers..  



Will follow your thread...good luck...everyone Luvs photos if you can.



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