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Edit Mor Chana app (add passport number) and update

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13 10 2021


First, thank you very much for comments and useful information helping me to get to France and back home here in Thailand.


I have now had 1 Sinovac and 2 Astra Zenica vaccinations and have the little orange certificate of vaccination 'passport'.  I also have the Mor Chana app on my phone.  Here is the rub.  My Thai pink card number is on it but not my UK passport number.  My first 2 vaccinations were in our small village and the 3rd (AZ) was in Buriram Govt hospital.  They have tried to add my passport number at the Buriram hospital and at the Regional Health Authority, who issued the orange book.  They said they are blocked and cannot add it.  


On the COE, thanks for helping about how long to get it and also for pointing out that each document had to be 'uploaded' following drag and drop.  That took some hours of attempting to register and having it refused and it was re reading comments that a kind person had noted that each item had to be 'uploaded'.  I know it was written on the application but it didn't ring a bell until it was pointed out.  Thanks.


Shortly after I booked my quarantine hotel in BKK (25-10 to 01-11) there was the wide spread announcement that all quarantine was ending on the 1st Nov..  I have a flexible return ticket so I could just stay on in France for the week but the 21,000+THB hotel is non refundable.  


So, the question is, how to add my passport number to Mor Channa app please?  I will try at my local village hospital but they have, so far, said that most everything to do with vaccination management had to be done at the big govt hospital in Buriram (who have said they cannot).


For insurance I bought 1 year covid cover for 15,000 baht from 'Tune Protect'.  It starts immediately but I had put my arrival date to Thailand as the 25th so it kicks in then.  On their site it says there is a 2 week delay.  Apparently there is not.


I cannot understand how those 'in charge' think that the COE will not deter tourists coming to Thailand.  I would have thought that it is more likely to catch covid here than to bring it in as a fully vaccinated traveler.  If they put some effort into controlling the spread of infection in the south and feeding people who are suffering there it would be time well spent. 


Thank you again for your help.



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Where did you go to at the Buriram Gov Hospital? The vaccination center?


If so, try the Air-conditioned Office on the left hand side as you enter the Car Park Building. (They did it for Bob (RST) there.)

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Thanks.  Yes, tried that.  Bob told me b4.  They would not issue the orange vaccination visa thing because my first 2 shots were in Ban Mai Chaiyapot and the 3rd in the Buriram Govt hospital.  I had to go to the Regional Health Authority in town because they have records of all vaccinations in the province.  It was they who said they were blocked from accessing the edit function.  Sometimes the local people are switched on and sometimes not, just like everywhere.  

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You will not be able to do what you need here. Just get the yellow book and carry it with you.  The Mor Chana / Mor Phrom apps are designed with a poor flaw:  They will only allow entering data ONCE.  If it is incorrectly entered, or if the data needs changing, there is no provision for updating the data. When I got vaccinated, the hospital entered the phone number incorrectly. App could not be updated with digital certificate of vaccination unless I authenticate by receiving OTP(one-time-password) via SMS. Well, that screwed me because the system can't txt me at the wrong number it has !!!   No matter that I corrected it at the hospital, it just keeps their system correctly BUT NOT at the MorChana/Phrom app database!  It's a closed door system.  Terribly designed.  I even contact app developers for assistance....NO HELP.

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