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Team effort cleans rubbish from Khai Islands


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Photo: 5 Star Marine


PHUKET: Staff and students from UWC Thailand International School (UWCT) and 5 Star Marine collaborated with Phuket Government Departments yesterday (Oct 14) to help clean up the heavily rubbish stricken Khai Islands.


The collaboration was part of the tourism restart plan and program which was in dire need before these beautiful small islands could be enjoyed again. They were joined by the Sustainable Mai Khao Foundation, which was a natural fit as this organisation is focused around connecting and empowering the community to preserve our natural environment; more support came from the Royal Phuket Marina who combined their forces in this joint effort.


The Khai Islands have been shut to tourists and locals since July 1 of this year under the COVID-19 rules and restrictions. There has also been a huge amount of sea rubbish brought about as a result of the annual monsoon season which, coupled with the fact that nobody has been allowed onto the islands to clean them up, meant the need for this initiative was crystal clear.


Full Story: https://www.thephuketnews.com/team-effort-cleans-rubbish-from-khai-islands-81708.php



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