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Passport question

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I have a Usa passport with a non o visa based on marriage. My daughter has a Thai passport and a Usa passport. I would like to bring her from Thailand to visit family in the USA. Which passport would she use to exit Thailand? I am pretty sure she would have to use the USA passport to enter in the USA but I am asking because she has never had no visa to stay in Thailand because she is a dual citizen but my concern is 1. If she uses her Thai passport to exit Thailand they will not let her fly because she does not have a visa to enter the USA? or 2. If she uses her USA passport to exit Thailand she will be charged a huge fine for an overstay? Is that even possible? Thank you

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UJ (as always) has it spot on.


One thing to note as a dual national. An unwritten rule is never show both passports to an immigration officer, it confuses them and can lead to a "situation".


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