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Sending Money from Thailand to Greece

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I want to send a couple of thousand dollars from Thailand to Greece, I am American, but I have funds here in Thailand at Kasikorn bank,

Is it posible? and what would be the best way.

To transfer funds from the US to Thailand I use Wise Is that possible to use them to transfer funds from Thailand to Greece? . If it is it would probably be the easiest way because I already have an account with them. My sister from the US says to use Paypal. I told her I don't think that's possible. 

Any advice would be appreciated. 

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Wise don't support transfers out in baht or do you have a USD account with Kasikorn?  And is the Greece account in dollars or Euros?


Xendpay are my backup to Wise and at first glance they appear to do Baht to Euro (if that's what you want), and may even be cheaper, especially as a new user.





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