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Covid Insurance for Foreigners who Live in Thailand

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I to obtain Covid Insurance for my return to Thailand.


I note that the TGIA Government site states that the Insurance they are offering is  ' Not for Thai Nationals or Foreigners who Live in Thailand'


Does this mean we don't need it,or have we to find our own Insurance  deal with?

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14 minutes ago, internationalism said:

that one 15k per year, limit 75 yo and not underlying.

It will also serve as health insurance


What do you mean by your last sentence? Would it pay out if I got an illness or accident other than Covid?

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my apologies for continuing this matter but I am told that I have been viewing the statement  'Foreigners and Thai residents in Thailand cannot purchase insurance'  incorrectly.


The subject matter concerned the statement contained at the bottom of the opening page of the web page 'covid19.tgia.org'  which reads ' (Foreigners and Thai residents in Thailand cannot purchase insurance)'   I took this to mean that having visited my home country and was returning to my home in Thailand,  I was unable purchase insurance through this site.


However, I am now told that the statement is only applicable to anyone living in Thailand who wishes to buy Covid Insurance.   The purchase of this insurance is meant for persons wishing to re-enter Thailand from overseas.   


If this interpretation is correct, I will not have problem.





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