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1st November opening..

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Hi, is the full list of 'safe' countries published or will it be confirmed later? I can't seem to find it.. I'm currently in the UK but I can't see the UK staying on the list as we are getting more than 40k cases per day...

I'm thinking of transiting via another country if needed as I suspect the UK will get dropped soon. I'm planning to travel in December..

Thanks ????

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None of the details of Nov 1st are confirmed as yet.


No matter what the rules, transiting through another country wont achieve anything as arrivals will still have a level of permission (COE, Thai pass, test results, vaccine proof etc) from home country  or country you reside in..

If you arrive on a flight from Bolivia, they will want documents from Bolivia.

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the UK is on the list of 5 named countries. So it will stay. This list might grow to up to 40 countries.

Looks, like inclusion doesn't depend on epidemiological situation in those countries - the uk, usa, singapore and probably also china are very high in infections.

So it's not about the least risky tourists but about which will bring the most income.

Possibly it's not about tourists at all, but about businessmen, traders (including thai ones) able to revive export.

Thai export is now 51% of gdp. International tourism use to be 12%, but in the coming years it would be below 1%    

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Absolutely correct. This list has nothing to do with Covid-19 risk, otherwise the UK would not be on it. Together with the USA the UK has one of the worst records for Covid-19. Only 65% of Americans have been double vaccinated. In Malaysia, for example, more than 90% have been double vaccinated. It's all about money, money, money.  

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