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How Many of Us have been Carrying on a Virtual Love Affair with our GFs, during Covid? And, How do you Accomplish it? And, How do you Stay Satisfied...Sexually?

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What is it REALLY like to be separated from your partner during Covid days?


How do you keep in touch with the love of your life?


Years ago, before the Internet, then you would send love letters, snail mail.


But, what about these days?


Do you now try to maintain your sexual relationship, virtually?


Do you send sexy texts, back and forth, from continent to continent?


Do you even engage in pleasuring yourselves, virtually, and mutually, using Google MEET?. or ZOOM?


And, if you do...

What would happen if your intimate moments were captured and then blasted around the world?


Do you ever worry about this?



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2 minutes ago, HeijoshinCool said:



You are actually asking strangers intimate details about their sex life.....?



I thought voyeurism had died a natural death thanks to the internet age.

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10 minutes ago, Pravda said:

I thought I was bored with my life


It's very difficult to disguise oneself when writing, pretending to be someone else.


I've been around TV long enough to recognize certain tells in posters' writing styles; ones that cannot be disguised.


I have a pretty good idea who GiGi actually is. 

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Actually, the real question that should probably be asked is what is YOUR GF doing while you aren't here.  I've been propositioned by the GF's and wives of several acquaintances over the last year. 


Their gripe is that their man has been somewhat less forthcoming with the cash since they can't see them in the flesh, and they are less believing of their need for additional cash to support the family who are more desperate then usual.


I haven't obliged, but the darker side of me is thinking that if I do oblige, I'd be helping out both the girl and the boyfriend marooned in Farangland.  ????

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