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Passengers by air from Cambodia to enter Asean countries hampered by lack of flights and bilateral hiccups


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As Thailand became the first Asean country to permit travelers from Cambodia to enter Thailand by air from November 1, the absence of scheduled flights plus the absence of reciprocal quarantine requirements has put a damper on this development. Passengers by air from Cambodia to Thailand, if they can get a seat on one of the two flights per month charter flights, do not have to undergo quarantine on arrival if they are fully vaccinated.


However, Cambodia requires at least a three if not seven day quarantine period upon arrival and the question that begs an answer is when is the quarantine requirement for fully vaccinated passengers going to be removed or standardized to just three days for all fully vaccinated in bound travelers.


However, the biggest obstacle to any of this is the absence of flights landing in any of Cambodia’s three airport. Without passengers or arrivals, the quarantine requirements, shortened as they may be, is meaningless and academic. The operator of Cambodia’s three international airports says airlines will gradually restore flights to and from the Kingdom now that the quarantine period for arrivals has been relaxed.



read more https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50956991/passengers-by-air-from-cambodia-to-enter-asean-countries-hampered-by-lack-of-flights-and-bilateral-hiccups/



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