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Group Dance Contest at Kad Suen Kaew….Questionable Behavior?


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Wanted to research phones on 3rd floor Kad Suen Kaew. Not today boy-o.


HUGE crowd of students having a group dance contest. Maybe 300+ teens dancing, screaming, yelling shoulder-to-shoulder in a tight space with questionable ventilation. Many wore masks, but not those on stage.

Very loud. One had to scream to be heard.

I get it. Kids want to have fun, especially in these Covid years.

But one has to consider the local clubs closed down in CM…and wonder…what’s the difference?


I got out fast. I was told that the Dance Off runs tomorrow as well. 

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I saw it as well.  I was really surprised to see so many people packed elbow to elbow in front of the stage just in front of the Samsung Phone stand.  Took a quick look, went down to Topps and then left.  

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1 hour ago, sqwakvfr said:

Most of the contestants were children.  Taking photos as a non-parent would have been creepy.

If you don't mind me asking: Is that your personal opinion or do you think that is a general rule and/or do you have any personal experience with being called creepy?


It seems to me all these "kids" danced in public for everybody to see. Is it by now considered creepy if any adults, even if they are "old" men, take pictures or videos of a public performance? I.e. I saw the following video and I think the little girls are great. Could anybody be aroused by that? I guess some sick people are. I also guess that most people (>90% ?) will just see talented young dancers without any sinister thoughts? Or not?




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