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Help with O-A insurance


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Im am currently in thailand on A-O long term visa And need to obtain new insurance policy which satisfies immigration requirements . I am 72 years of age . I was given to believe that Luma will accept entry to there long stay care health insurance down loaded their brocure which clearly states Applications up to 79 years of age after fully medical check up etc .and cost of 79932 baht pa for 71-75 year olds. I applied on internet and received call for discussion of procedures to apply etc their staff member didn't about this product . Its was also advertised on the thethaiger web site. Asan australian citizen i always paid my tax and the medibank levy and when coming to thailand fully travel and health insurance each trip so did not have another insurance coverage which would continue to a certain age limit. So confused as to what my options are ie do luma provide luma long stay to over 65 or not, if not what other options do i have other than pacific cross 


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I used LMG insurance twice with very high deduction (200 k) at a cheap rate of 7600, 64 years old.

Someone posted that it is not issued anymore?


I did mine through AA brokers.

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