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Nurseries in Phuket


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Does anyone have any recommendations for nurseries?


At this point I do not care where it is in Phuket, how much it costs, or what language the teachers speak, I am just looking for somewhere that the teachers care about the children and act like it.  All the nurseries we liked at home the teachers loved their jobs because they were well paid and treated well but I have yet to come across a nursery or school that seemed like that here.  I might just be looking in the wrong places.


Sorry if this sounds quite negative but at home we saw a dozen and then had a difficult decision choosing between 5 of them.  Here we have not seen any that we like or any that my son seems particularly enthused by.  He loved nursery at home.


Thanks for any advice,


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7 hours ago, Mises said:

Kajonkiet Nursery Cherng Talay is very good.

Yeah we actually checked this out about half an hour after I posted.  We somehow missed it on the first pass.  It looks great.

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