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Co-Working Offices Near Jomtien for Remote Working?


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I'm visiting Jomtien this coming summer June - August, & I will have to work remotely back into Europe during the week. 


Are there any Co-Working or Office Centres with strong internet near Jomtien? I need a place open from 3pm - 11pm to match European work hours.
I used Anchor Co-Working in 2019 but I hear it has closed down (pity as was a great place). 

I'll rent a short-term condo in Jomtien, wondering if internet is weak in a condo building, would i be able to get my own strong internet put in for the 10 weeks I will be there?  I make a lot of VOIP & video call so need strong internet. 

Any other ideas?

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The Bali Hai View Business Center provides flexible, elegant, functional, cost-effective workspace solutions that will help your business get started and thrive whether you’ve got a one-off meeting, or need a home for yourself and a small team. 




Edit; There's 6 other locations listed in the Pattaya area, contact to see if they're still open:


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I work remotely in Thailand for my UK businesses. Strong internet is essential. I have never used co-working places but have tried to use coffee shops. In my experience the best option (other than my own condo with fibre optic internet) is to ensure that I have a 4G mobile phone package. WiFi in hotels and rented condos is often attrocious and unusable. Not just slow speeds but frequent disconnections too. If you need to make voice calls/meetings then factor in background noise and privacy. I find that a hotel room is often best for this. After work, close the laptop and go out and party knowing that you don't have to awake until after mid-day!


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Yes last time I spent the summer in Pattaya 2019, I bought a Thai mobile 4G card & I was very impressed with the internet speed, often up to 30MB depending on where I was. Plus it was great value too. This allowed me to use VOIP & Skype Out well.

I might be lucky and find a condo with its own private internet, like True the comes via the TV. That would really help. 


The nature of my work, I often have up to 20 tabs open in the internet browser & the VOIP going, so I certainly need strong steady internet. 

Yes the coffee shops are an option, though I find I get distracted easily or if there's a lot of noise around it's hard to focus. 

I'll email the Bali High office place, though looks like it only operates 9 - 5pm whilst I need 3 - 11pm most week days.  I'd guess a lot of those co-working places on the list have gone out of business over the last year. I'm coming in June, so maybe a few options will appear for me before then. 

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