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Changing from Work Extension to Retirement, with dependents

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After nearly 17 years of continuous work extensions, I am considering "retiring".  Is it straightforward to switch from a work extension to retirement extension (I'm aware of the financial requirements) ?  My non-Thai wife and son have been 'piggy-backing' on my extension for the last 7 years, and presumably they can continue to do this?



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You family members can apply for apply for the same extension they have been getting after your change your extension from working to retirement.

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Check with you local Immigration Office which you must know by now.

Some offices will insist you get an O visa overseas for the switch but may be relaxed due to Covid

This is one of the few times  I suggest an agent may be useful but ask them first

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It is straightforward, but the timing is essential since you need to cancel your WP first, and do the visa type change on the same day. Technically when the WP is cancelled, so is your non-imm B visa extension so you'd be on overstay from the following day. Although City Hall and Imm don't necessarily talk to each other.


If you are experienced and have the financial requirement (800k seasoned), it should be ok to do by yourself but when I did the same I used an agent (only time), worthy the small expense.

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