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Thai birth certificate INQUIRY. How true or any one gone through the same.


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UPDATE: came all the way to Thailand with my wife to get a new birth certificate. We have a scanned copy luckily. Today we went to the district office and they have a scanned copy of her certificate on file. They printed out a bad quality black and white copy and signed it on the bottom. Our scanned colour copy is clearer and better quality than the one provided.
I have been told that if you loose original you can never get a new birth certificate. 

any advice. Is this true

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I needed one more birth certificate for my daughter (born 2004) when I applied for permanent residency some 10+ years ago, not possible, could only get a copy.


BUT!!  I asked my daughters mother to go and get a birth certicicate when we moved 600 km away from each other in May last year (2021-5), Wang Thong Lang in Bangkok where our daughter first was registered. I fully expected her to come back with another copy but she came with an original. Absolutely identical. We now have 2 originals and 2 copies 🙂 Copy is not quite the right word actually, the ones we have are the legally valid substitutes, printed on the correct "copy" colour form paper (looks slightly different from the original birth certificate though)


I don't know if something has changed, or if the reason was better. Mummy said she had lost the original and mummy and daddy was separating.  


Here's a photo of both side by side as proof.






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