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Currently minivan from Udon Thani Airport to Nong Khai?

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Before the Covid pandemic, there were minivans from the Udon Thani airport to Nong Khai after every flight arrived. I think they were like 150 baht. Are these operating again since more flights have resumed?

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I'm sure there'll be someone there if they know a plane is due, if not the mini-bus then may be other transport to a Mini-bus pick up point. Just did a google the Bus Station is around an 80 baht taxi ride from the airport, which is 700mts from the train station. so up to you have a good trip. 

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No busses running for the time being. Take a bus into town:

a normal minibus from Central Dept Store to Nong Khai
- or -
with no/little luggage - a picturesque trip by train from Udon's railway station to Nong Khai for 11 Baht. 

Taxis through are available and you might be able to share a fare with a fellow passenger 😉 

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