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Golf Lessons Bangkok


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Hi All,


I have never played golf before. I would like to start. I would like a few lessons and practice at a driving range before going out on a course. Can anyone recommend somewhere for lessons please? I live near Asoke, so the closer to that the better.


I would prefer a real driving range, rather than a simulator.


Thanks in advance.

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Yes… don’t go on a golf course until you have had a few lessons from a Pro. seems to be the most sensible way.


The guy at Top Golf Asia (Adrian) is worth a try… just Google.

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Most driving ranges have resident professionals who will give lessons.

The fundamentals are grip, stance and swing. Get those right, you are well on the way.


Don't expect instant success, depending on your hand-eye co-ordination and balance it will take 6-10 lessons, and 3-6 months, to become proficient.


Bear in mind your clubs should suit your physical ability, if you start off with extra stiff shafts and blade irons, it's unlikely you will enjoy practicing. You need forgiving cavity backs, and shafts suited to your swing speed.


Golf is like anything else, you get out of it what you are prepared to put into it. It was either Gary Player or Arnold Palmer who said " The more I practice, the luckier I get."

Good luck, and enjoy.

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