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Global price rises: Can we get by on local produce in Thailand?


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2 minutes ago, rbkk said:


Our neighbour is one of the local health officials. My wife went to school with her. I've lived  here since 1998. She apologised but said yes, in Buriram province they have a budget for meals but not in our province. 20 houses in our soi and 4 were cordoned off due to Covid-19. No free quarantine meals were delivered to any of the 4 Covid households for 10 days. People had to fend for themselves and order from 7-11 etc. All of the 4 affected houses slipped out under cover of darkness to get supplies.

Sorry, my apologies. I just found your comment too off the scale against how I've come to know the Thais.


I know for sure that if anyone's house in our village was cordoned off in the manner you describe, the community would ensure that food was delivered to them. Without even being asked to. They would see it as duty.

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