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Foreign insurance company selling for Thailand?

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I basically getting something off my chest? 


No matter where in the world I'm sure you meet these types all the time!  I hope the individual I bump in today at the Travel agency hopefully when he unload that log in his butt takes the time to find this site maybe he will find some answer he is looking for before going off for nothing and try to listen instead of interrupting.


Today, I was in a travel agency to make sure all my arrangements were in order while waiting the guy in front of me ask the travel agent about health insurance? Tells you a lot one goes into a travel agency to ask and purchase health insurance? Type of guy who wants answers when you try to provide it tells you are wrong, I know that, that isn't what I've been told but remember now this guys is seeking answers?


Being the guy I am like majority of you here whether you have all the answers or not you want to help?  So when he got up I said what is your questions regarding health insurance coverage in Thailand?  He said the company he was interested was not a Thai company but C, which is already advertising on this forum want to buy from them.


So I started to provide some information as to how coverage is usually sold,  interrupted I know that but I want to buy from C, I continue guy informs me he comes and goes so I said have you thought about Travel insurance?  interrupts I know all about Travel insurance B.S. etc.. said he has no problem buying money no issue for a year again he wants to buy from C.


So I started to let him know even if you buy from C. coverage for Thailand usually sold in this manner. Interrupts you don't understand now the guy is starting to get frustrated the white guys starts to turn a bit pink that set me off with my personality because I make it a point in life to poke the bear live dangerous on edge as if it is my last day.


Then we get into how much coverage, now I figure this guy is an American looks fit in his early 60's as to the type of coverage and how much that many expats buy around 1M baht and that usually these days with duel pricing and such doesn't go too far the guys goes off interrupts and say B.S. not true, never heard such a thing from what I've been told you are the first guy who has ever come up with this information. 


I refer him to Asean this particular section even told him a C agent would be glad to contact you. Interrupt he said I know of the website never read anything to confirm what you are saying then ask me to spell the website for him. Now everyone knows when someone tells you they know then ask you to spell it out the kind of guy I sadly try to help.


Then he jumps in why the hell do I need that much coverage I explain if you got into an accident and they took you to this hospital you be lucky a million will cover it?  Now here is a guy who told me earlier money is no object he can afford the hospital cost even if he didn't have insurance if something happened.


He said never heard of such a thing!  then why are foreigner entering the country a few months back that had to buy insurance then got Covid force into hospital bills were only mentioned 200,000-400,000 baht so how the hell do you come up with such a coverage like 1M, and I haven't even got into the price company C would charge him for that policy. I explain that situation isn't the same as the insurance you want to buy to stay here for a year.


As this conversation was ongoing I was seated relaxed not excited he started quickly off like a monkey in heat after a few minutes he is like King Kong? I was thinking I hope he gets physical because I needed to open a can of whip ass on someone for a long time and then I have no problem getting a good butt whipping myself sets me straight keeps me going like a bunny rabbit living in Thailand.


I again explain if you don't believe me go to the website I noted Asean, in the Medical category read and pose you question or questions. He pull up some website show it to me and said is this it, it wasn't he must have been unable to put in the spelling correctly when I said no that was the final straw I guess and storm out.


Now I've seen in my 15 plus years guys living here or visiting go off over little stuff because they couldn't get their point across to a Thai. Food not packed right, meal not cook right, change is wrong, I don't know how guys live this long is it genes because one would wonder they would have a stroke long ago. Then I know a few who act this way because they been smoking the weed for decades I truly think the weed has something to do with it their personality changes? God help us all if there is one because once more Thais start to smoke the stuff we are in a world of hurt if not already?🤣


I once travel with a guy he tagged along with my cousin so I said nothing but everyone told me he is a different bird. For a number of years he would go off over nothing once he order a meal and it came out wrong instead of saying something he took the plate and pour the meal all over the table. The owner son came up ask him politely why? in the end my friend got a good ass whipping the little martial art he knew was of no use he wasn't Bruce Lee. When it was over he ask me why I didn't help I said I did he said all you did was sit there. Answer #1  you needed that ass whipping for a long time by letting him I hope it help you change. Answer number #2, I could have let him beat your ass until they carry you out in a stretcher but I told him to stop enough.


Today, it was just one of those days you try to help instead you meet a nut job!🤣  When he rushed out the lady in the agency said Thanks better you than me!🤣



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