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No illegal foreign workers found in entertainment venues, said Phuket official


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2 hours ago, webfact said:

no illegal foreign workers

I need to get up to speed and let me guess.


Massive fire, horrible loss, tragedy.  RIP.


Deflection game..........illegal workers.


Deflection game #2.....illegal foreign workers.


Deflection game #3......no illegal foreign workers found, yet.


If there is another tragedy, there will be eye witnesses of illegal workers running....

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7 hours ago, webfact said:

Phuket officials said no illegal foreign workers were found in entertainment venues after an inspection following complaints.

Like no prostitution in Patts  🤣

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A continguent of similar "semi blind" dumb<deleted>ers inspected "Walking Street" in Pattaya and found no sex workers.

As long as the brown enveloppes keeps flowing in ....

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