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TM.8 Re-Entry Permit (what to enter on "Previous Visa" section ?)

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I guess I should know this also by now !


On the TM.8, top of 2nd Page on my forms, it says :


My previous Visa for Thailand is of the Category"

Issue at __________ Date Month Year_________


Now are they talking about my Original Visa from 10 years ago which I've renewed each year


My last renewal /Extension of stay


No biggie I guess I just wanna get my forms right as this is my 3rd trip to Immigration for this current process/renewal !








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It would be the the visa that allowed the permit to stay that you have been extending every year.

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3 minutes ago, cardinalblue said:

Original visa as every year since have been extensions of that visa….

That's correct and uj posted same.

In reality (imo) it does not matter.

Some folk will fill in "visa #" from previous extension.

Don't think they are interested. 

The expiry of current POS is the important part. 

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