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I am planning to buy an annual worldwide travel insurance policy from Thailand.  However, I don't seem to be able to see a comparison website like we have in the UK. Is there one in Thailand?


Secondly, as regards pre-existing conditions, how far back can they go for it to be excluded? Can something 10+ years ago be counted as a pre-existing condition? Some quotes state about pre-existing conditions but there is no timeline given. 


Lastly, it would be interesting to hear about good and bad insurers from members own personal experiences with insurance companies, who are bad, who are good, etc.


Many thanks in advance 


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22 minutes ago, Etaoin Shrdlu said:

I would suggest you contact an insurance broker and discuss your specific needs. A good broker can provide competing quotes and explain coverage differences and also discuss intangibles such as an insurer's ability and willingness to pay claims, something that quote aggregator websites usually don't do.


Any medical condition that exists at, or has existed prior to, the formation of an insurance contract can be considered a pre-existing condition and likely needs to be disclosed to the insurer on the application form. If the condition is really not relevant to the insurer, you won't be penalized for disclosing it. If it is relevant, and you don't disclose it, the policy could be voided. Thailand does not have a statute limiting an insurer's ability to consider pre-existing conditions or exclude them from coverage.


In addition to Thailand-based insurers, you might want to expand your search to offshore insurers. They may offer broader coverage and operate in jurisdictions with better consumer protection laws. You might need to find an offshore broker to help you with this since Thai insurance brokers technically aren't supposed to offer offshore insurance products to their clients.

Many thanks for the helpful response. I contacted AA Insurers earlier today, as we have our car and house insurance through them.



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8 minutes ago, stament said:

Many thanks for the helpful response. I contacted AA Insurers earlier today, as we have our car and house insurance through them.



Be interested to know the outcome by either a PM or an updated reply here as we are travelling overseas soon and have AXA in mind, but their insurance is limited, e.g. 2 million baht and I would think one would need more than that when overseas if requiring hospital care.


We too have AA Insurance brokers for our house, car and family private cover, but hadn't considered contacting them for travel insurance.

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18 hours ago, stament said:

But I am based in Thailand. (resident)..... so I don't think a UK policy would cover me.

I just insured with AXA, depending on the cover you want, I went for the gold standard, 2 million cover plus other coverage, so for the family of 4 it cost me about 4,424 baht which is reasonable for a couple of weeks cover.


Confirmed from my door when I leave to when I get back to my door upon my return.


Pretty easy process as well.

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