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appropriate terminology?


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I have heard that, when describing SEA people of darker complexion, it is better to say  คนผิวสีน้ำผึ้ง  instead of  คนดำ


But would educated Thais consider it inappropriate for a farang to describe people of African descent as  คนดำ   ?      On a similar note, is it socially acceptable to describe the African continent as   ทวีปดำ  ?

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I wouldn't say any of this. 

2 hours ago, BananaBandit said:


Is just plain bad. This can get you killed. Same for the continent,  be careful.  Don't use dam to describe people. 


2 hours ago, BananaBandit said:


Implies they are not white, that's the worst you can say about a Thai. It's not the same if a Thai says this about Thais, or if a foreigner says this. 


Just avoid the topic.


And if you see a girl always tell her how beautifully white she  has become during the last weeks or months. She will invariably say how dam she is.

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