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Army doubles down on anti-drug smuggling at borders


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18 hours ago, snoop1130 said:

The suppression of illicit drugs is a national agenda as the Royal Thai Army announced it has seized more than 200 million methamphetamine pills along the border this year.

Which ended up where?

asking for a friend.

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If the army is serious, they need to arrest alot of border officials, convict them and lock them up for many, many years. Otherwise, this is just an insincere game of charades. We know who some of the culprits are. So does the army. 


So, is this real, or is this another empty Prayuth promise? 

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Remember the good old days when the military, and other assorted authorities, were the drug trade?


I suspect that promotions as this are merely manipulated distractions to put folks off. 

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