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Manhunt: Renegade drug dealing soldier has broken out of a military prison in Lampang province


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(Inset) Supwaut Supapaeng or Kwan is currently the subject of a manhunt in Lamang while a committee of investigation is being set up to examine the facts of the case including his escape from military detention at Fort Suaraksamonto in the province.


by James Morris and Son Nguyen

The soldier has a history of illegal activity, being arrested on October 6th last year and was the subject of a military arrest warrant when local police nabbed him for dealing in methamphetamine pills in public in a sting operation.

A renegade soldier involved in drug dealing in northern Lampang province has broken out of detention at a local military installation after his arrest on October 5th by police in the province while in the act of selling 50 methamphetamine pills.


A manhunt is underway in the northern Thai province of Lampang after a 26-year-old soldier escaped from military detention at the 17th century Fort Suaraksamonto in the province after his arrest last week for possession of methamphetamine pills and drug dealing.


Full story: https://www.thaiexaminer.com/thai-news-foreigners/2022/10/19/manhunt-for-renegade-drug-dealing-soldier-kwan-supawut-supapaeng/



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1 minute ago, Stargeezr said:

And here I thought that military prisons were more secure. Well This is definitely Thailand.

And here I thought that military prisons were more secure.

Not a chance.

During one of my stints in the guardhouse (Brooke Barracks, Berlin) I was on a work party and I (and a fellow jailbird) managed to slip away and went over the wall.

We were on our fifth glass of Schultheiss before the regimental police and guard managed to locate us.


We got 14 days fro that stunt but that cold ale made it worth the effort. 😎


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