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Halloween horror! Ladyboy electrocuted after night out - police investigating in Chiang Mai


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1 minute ago, Mac Mickmanus said:

What would you do ?

If you saw a ladyboy being electrocuted, would you either try and pull him off or look to switch the current off ?

1 I dont pull off ladyboys. 2 you are likely to get electrocuted as well.

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4 hours ago, DaLa said:

Did I really just read ....


'sparking a police investigation' ?


Ok, but RIP to the guy, I'm 100% hetro but some ladyboys are a good laugh.

This one was a shining example.

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22 hours ago, webfact said:

News about the incident was surpressed but emerged on social media sparking a police investigation.

The owner of the pub said the car park is not their responsibility.


The car park's owner said it was connected to lighting and there had never been a problem before.

Chang Pheuak police said that if the law was broken there would be a criminal prosecution for negligence. 

Usual foot shuffling trying to evade responsibility... TiT at it's best.

the negativity in the above is astounding.

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