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Found alive! Bangkok motorist lost in the northern jungle for two days after car accident


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How stupid do you have to be to drive off of the road during a "micro sleep" and not even have the common sense to find the road that you stupidly drove off of. 


Lady, you do not have enough intelligence to sit behind the wheel of a vehicle. 

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Anyone falling asleep at the wheel while driving should be charged with 'driving without undue care and attention' and punished. if you are tired, pull over and rest before you kill someone.

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20 hours ago, webfact said:

She has told the media that she suffered a microsleep or "lap nai" in Thai and drove into the creek.


Disorientated she tried to find her way back to the main road after she managed to extricate herself from the car.


But she ended up getting deeper and deeper into the jungle until she found officials eight kilometers away.

I wonder how far she drove off-road to not be able to find her way back?

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16 hours ago, Tropicalevo said:

Glad that the young lady found her way out OK.

Things could have so easily gone wrong.

Driving your car into a creek, I would say they did go wrong?

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