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Sodium-ion, mass production in 2023. Watch out Lithium!


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There is a new technology underway in batteries, production starting in 2023.



There is plenty more info around about these batteries . Before you say , but we all know about new technologies , but it takes ages to go mass market. True , but the company claiming production is CATL , 1 of the biggest Li-ion battery makers. The advantages are huge in home electricity storage , as they should be cheaper , by quite a lot ( maybe not in the start) , as sodium is about as abundant around as air ( probably even more sodium then air) .

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1 hour ago, tjo o tjim said:

Sodium batteries have been around for a long time in various chemistries.  They are getting closer, but not 2023 for changing the world.

About 5 years ago or thereabouts I placed an order for a sizeable sodium ion battery for my solar system. Never got them though because the manufacturer in Canada (I think) went under. Didn't cost me anything though. You might like to look at Faradion on the internet. They are producing some pretty good kit. some of it is very big and is intended for stationary installations like solar ESS or remote coms installations etc. There is also sodium battery technology for EVs from Faradion.


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There is a ton of info for it in last 2 months .





Faradion is btw now CATL if i am correct ( takeover). 1st production lines are opened , mass production that is.

There are indeed many types of sodium batteries , like the saltwater batteries , with do take some good space , but never made a breakthrough (shame , since it is very easy and could be cheap , but unfortunate it isn't) . The EV market is however the keyhole. Many if not all companies are looking for cheaper alternatives , since the biggest cost by far for a EV is the battery package.With big names like CATL starting up production lines (sodium ion can be made on same production line as Li ion) it is something else. If this is all correct , i will guess 1st batteries hitting consumer (aka us) market in 2nd half of 2023.

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