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Have you tried herbal remedies for BPH/Prostate/Urination issues?


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So far have not taken medication for my BPH - 

I'm putting off taking Tamsulosin HCL - 0.4 mg - Once daily.


For a few months have been taking Saw Palmetto:

Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens)  Berry Extract

(standardized for 160 mg Fatty Acids)

640 mg;

Saw Palmetto (berry) - 50 mg

690 total;


and after about 2 months also started taking:

Pygeum (bark extract) (Guaranteed to contain 6.5 mg

{13%] total Plant Sterols)

50 mg


Both of the above once per day.


More recently taking 2 per day of each.


Also ordered Stinging Nettles, waiting for it to arrive.


Have you tried Herbal remedies such as these for BPH/Prostate/Urination issues?


If so, would be very interested to know what results you have had.

If possible also, could you include what you took, the dosages, how often and for how long, and any other helpful info you recall.


I have had no changes positive or negative that I am aware of but will continue for awhile more and see if including the Nettles makes a difference.


Thank you.






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Watch the details when buying any stinging nettle extract

There are two differant products that have differant effects

There is stinging nettle LEAF extract and stinging nettle ROOT extract

The root extract is the substance usually discussed for its benefits on the prostate.


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14 minutes ago, BritManToo said:

Swansons stinging nettle root 1x day seemed to make a difference. 

Saw Palmetto did nothing. 

It is obviously horses for courses.

I tried Swansons stinging nettle root for three months and it did not help me.

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Saw Palmetto can mess up your testosterone from what I've read. Works a bit like finasteride.


I took a stinging nettle root extract for a few months earlier last year. It coincided with an improvement of my symptoms but correlation is not causation. I was suffering from inflammation rather than enlargement.



Opera Snapshot_2023-01-02_091727_www.amazon.de.png

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I have tried all of these – – – Saw Palmetto, Pygeum, Stinging Nettle root as well as many others and also those, plus others and zinc etc in various combinations, but none of them worked and I took them over many months.
I thought Beta sitosterol was helping, but on careful consideration, not so sure.

Also be aware of the very expensive "complex" that is advertised when you look at many prostate items/info on the Internet, because that doesn't work either.

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I used saw palmetto for 4 weeks after a prostate biopsy, I found it irritated or stimulated the prostate. At that time this was a good thing as it helped flush out the blood after the biopsy.


If the problem in the prostate is congestion or something similar then using saw palmetto to flush it out could be of benefit.


I now only take stinging nettle root extract because of its claimed effect of slowing the enlargement of the prostate.


Does it work? no idea, haven't seen any scientific proof that it does or doesnt so I'll use it for 6 months and then review whether to continue or not.


I have very few symptoms from BPH but if I can slow down the growth of the gland then that should delay the onset of future problems.


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