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How the mysterious deaths of 23 elite Russians sparked a global murder mystery

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This is an account as to how can so many billionaires with bodyguards and the best healthcare just drop dead? Many people are suggesting Russian President Vladimir Putin is involved...

The string of mysterious deaths has attracted global attention, with growing fears sinister forces are at play, even though the deaths have mostly been attributed to misadventure and mental health issues.

The trail of bloodshed, which started shortly before Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, has spanned time zones and continents.

The manner of death has varied from the seemingly straightforward (strokes and suicides) to freak accidents (falling down stairs or from a speeding boat) to the downright bizarre (poisoning from a shaman’s toad venom).

The youngest of the fatalities was 37 and the oldest 73. They have included feared military leaders, billionaire oil and gas oligarchs, top business executives, high-ranking public servants and, the latest, a “sausage tycoon”...

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17 minutes ago, Salerno said:

No didn't forgot the link is just that my post contained all the interesting bits of the article whereby it's strongly suggest that Putin is some how involved up to his neck in the demise of those and many others.. and now the denial of the fresh mess Russian casualties in Donetsk where the Russians admit to less than half of the real numbers following Ukraine barrage of HIMARS missiles they got from the US...

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