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What visa do I need - 61 day tourist trip

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Hey All, 


I thought it was better to ask as I emailed my local thai consulate and I got no response. 


I didn't think about it when booking my flights and it happens to be 1 day over the 60 day tourist visa. 


What can we do in this situation? We are planning to leave the country at some point for a week in Cambodia but this would be around 35 days after our first arrival therefore unable to make the most of the 30 day on arrival visa.

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If your initial arrival is before March 31st, simply use visa exemptions. These provide 45-day initial permissions to stay at the current time (not 30 days as is normally the case).

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As pointed out above...each entry into Thailand gives you 45 (normally 30) day stamp.

You do not need a tourist visa.

The Cambodian trip will provide a second visa exempt stamp.

Is the plan to fly to Cambodia and return via air. 

If yes then you will need onward flight. 

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