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US Ambassador Thanks Thai Public Health Minister Anutin Successfully Managing Pandemic


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6 hours ago, internationalism said:

but it was Anutin, who refused to contract reasonable quantity the Astra Zeneca, even if offered so by the AZ. That was for $6 per dose. If they contracted earlier they would pay only just over $2 per dose.

A few months later thailand was forced to buy over 50mln sinovac at $20/dose - in the meantime refusing india's ambassodor donation of millions doses. 

And many more millions of sinopharm on order of princess - that one outside of health ministry. Again, some $20/dose.

That much public money was wasted by Anutin's negligence. Just short of $1bln down the drain.


If not pfizer donation of 1.5mln in 08.2021 by the usa government and 400k of AZ by the UK, the majority of foreigners in thailand would not have any jab well into 2022. Another 1mln donation of pfizer never made it to thailand, because thai embassy in washington didn't bother with filling up some essential paperwork for the shipment.



Don’t forget the forgotten 300k AZ from Bhutan as well ! 

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8 minutes ago, peter zwart said:

The political warfare with China is being fought on many chessboards.

sure Anutin can be seen by the USA as a future PM, at least a deputy.

Bhumjaithai is just short of few percent below Pheu Thai.

But Anutin cancelled vaccination regulation for (mainly) chinese travellers just minutes after that very meeting with the USA embassador. That was around 3pm Monday. Was it just coincidence?

So maybe Anutin doesn't want to play chess with the USA

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