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More changes. Compulsory health insurance now not required


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9 hours ago, Scouse123 said:

One thing we do know and that is the international airline industry are furious with all the chopping and constant changing and who can blame them?

Who cares what the international airlines think . 

Amazes me how the airlines have continued at all in the last three years . 

Just goes to show the investors in airlines have deep pockets .

Dig a bit deeper 

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3 hours ago, BritManToo said:

IMHO the most important reason why operating room and dental surgery staff wear masks and eye protection is to prevent being hit in the face by an unexpected arterial spurt.

Massage girls should be made aware about these unexpected spurts .

Your contribution to health in Thailand is without question worthy of a medal .

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18 hours ago, Regyai said:

I suppose the burning question is


Does anyone in authority in Thailand bear sufficient control of their synapses to exert a scintilla of cogent thought before opening their mouth to spout impulsive proclamations every time their knee jerks?


Which loosely translated into layman's lingo means "Does anyone in authority in Thailand actually think about what they are about to say before they say it?"


No need for the clever language - to coin a phrase - "just call a spade a spade"!

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