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Thai Deputy Police Chief Makes Press Release in International School of Samui case

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1 hour ago, CharlieH said:

Why does it need to be published in English when Google does a decent job translating it ?

"Pad.Tr. Bin Samui monitors the progress of the international school teacher case. Child pornography After the staff investigated the summary of the idioms With an opinion, ordered the prosecution Send to the prosecutor for consideration

On 11 m.C. Gen.T.Teacher.Surchin broke the secondary bully.Tr. Travel to the council.Phut Phut.Chu.Surat Thani to follow up on the progress of the evidence collection and the idioms that the parents took the kindergarten school students at an international school. To inform the council investigation staff.Phut Phut.Chu.Surat Thani prosecuted an international school teacher. Allegedly being indecent by the teacher many times



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