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Australian Woman Runs Over and Kills Street Painter in Pattaya


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An Australian driver accidentally ran over a street painter on the job and killed him in Pattaya, yesterday, January 11th.


The foreign driver was terrified and shocked after being notified that she had fatally run over the victim, Mr. Prasit Kabphet, who was painting the road at the entrance of Wongamat Residence Condominium in Soi 16 in the Naklua subdistrict, Banglamung district, Chonburi.


CCTV footage discovered that the 62-year-old Australian, Mrs. Michelle Ann Eddy, seemed to be totally unaware of Mr. Prasit when she turned her vehicle around the corner to enter her condo’s front gate where the 45-year-old victim was working painting. The driver then ran over the victim and kept driving to her parking lot where someone rushed to tell her that she had run over a man.


CCTV also found that Mr. Prasit was working with his back toward the main road and seemed to not realize about the Australian woman’s car emerging from the corner and approaching him from behind.


Full Story: https://thepattayanews.com/2023/01/12/australian-woman-runs-over-and-kills-street-painter-in-pattaya/


-- © Copyright The Pattaya News 2023-01-12

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38 minutes ago, Dmaxdan said:

Also, in a perfect world the painter should have had someone watching his back whilst he worked.

"The victim’s colleague, Mr. Somphan Sangsuwan, 32, told The Pattaya News the victim was painting the road leading to the foreigner’s condo at 2:50 PM. Mr. Somphan went to the bathroom only to come back to see his friend crying in agony."


Seems the guy watching his back had gone to the bathroom.

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Watching the CCTV shown on the news it appears she was distracted by the raising barrier and didn’t see the guy crouched almost underneath it.

But , yes, seems hard to believe she wasn’t aware that she was driving over a body.


Quite harrowing to see the guy writhing in agony from under her car until he died shortly after.

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4 hours ago, OneMoreFarang said:

Lock her up!

Maybe she didn't see the painter. But driving a car over someone and not noticing it is basically impossible unless she was drunk, drugged, or something like that.

Any normal driver who drives against a big "obstacle" would brake right away. She didn't. Guilty. 


And yes, there should have been a sign or someone looking after the painter, but that doesn't change anything from my comment above.

Some female drivers have a strange sense behind the wheel. The more anomalous something seems, the more likely they are to hit the gas. That's where all the strange car fails on Youtube come from. She probably felt something and did just that.


Terrible. Feel bad for both of them.  

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4 hours ago, richard_smith237 said:

The primary one being not looking where she was going !!!


There are no mitigating circumstances... Not expecting someone to be in an entrance way is not a sufficient excuse.... its not as if the deceased was sat down in the middle of the motorway.

Why are you doing the prosecutor's job? The are a lot of circumstances. She must get a lawyer to defend herself in the best possible way. Of course I feel sorry for the deceased person and his family, but making the poor woman a scapegoat will not serve anything.

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I see the clip also, and I can’t believe she not see him. Iff you a small person okay but she is a big lady. She must have seen the road in front of her !! And the painter,, he not hear a car coming ?  It’s not an electric car, unbelievably to see. 
only in Thailand..


rip mister. 

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1 hour ago, Enoon said:



Barrier should have been de-activated, in down position, while work was going on..........I see a barrier raise in front of me it means "come on".


I am also not sure that I would have seen somebody on the ground who was, perhaps, obscured as a result of that hedge and because of my view being across the longest dimension (diagonal, driver to nearside headlamp) in the brief observational time I would have rounding that sharp corner on approach.


A "straight in" approach, from 10 plus metres away would, probably, have enabled someone to easily see him.


I would need to have a re-run, while in the driving seat and with a suitably sized/shaped object on the ground, in order to pass judgement.


Sensible comments.

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