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Thailand drops in corruption index, THAI fleet 'garaged' at BKK : Tim Newton Today - Feb 1


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Despite Thai Airways claiming everything is 'back to normal', 31 of their planes are gathering dust at BKK airport, Charlene An says she will come back to Thailand as 7 police are sidelined to desk jobs as the enquiry continues into the alleged extortion, Thailand drops in the international 'corruption index', pirate ship sinks in Pattaya Bay, Pheu Thai pushed to support amendments to Thailand's Else Majesty laws.


With thanks to our sponsors 5 Star Marine in Phuket...


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Just have a look at the number of Thai Airways planes parked up...there's so many.

The claims that Thai Airways have beaten the debt that they were crippled with, is fake.....they're lying and still have the massive debt which the Thai taxpayer will foot!

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16 hours ago, webfact said:

Thailand drops in the international 'corruption index',

Somebody needed to make way for the UK

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A lot (not all) of those planes parked up were used for domestic routes.

Quite possibly they're content on letting their THAI SMILE planes service those routes.

THAI SMILE supposed to be a "budget" carrier but they're no cheaper than TG.


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