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Young Thai motorcylist latest victim of Thailand's infamous hanging wires - but he was wearing a helmet!


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Daily News Thai Caption: Nearly lost his head


One of the seven wonders of the ancient world were the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.


These days Thailand has The Hanging Wires of The Streets.


It's nothing to be proud of, however, and several years ago Bill Gates called out the country with some damning holiday snaps.


This prompted Thai PM Prayuth Chan-ocha to spend billions on burying cables and wires - but mostly in tourist areas.


Ordinary streets are still a complete tangle of wires.


The latest victim of the wires was yet another innocent motorcyclist on his way home in Muang district of Nakhon Ratchasima in the north east.


Theerawit, 18, nearly lost his head and became a "spirit protecting the roads" according to Daily News' colorful assessment in their headline.


He came off his bike.


He credited the fact that he was still alive with wearing a helmet and not going very fast.


Nonetheless he went to the Muang district police with some of the cable and picture evidence to file a report.


And ask the police to investigate and find those responsible for nearly killing him on Wednesday night.



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Picture: Daily News
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Garroting is all the perfectly normal part of two wheel driving experience that you can get in the land of very big permeant smiles 🤔 

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Last week a friend of mine in Phuket rode into a hanging cable early one morning riding his bicycle only around the moo baan, he is in a bad way nowhere near as lucky as this guy, 

My friend was very lucky to be alive,  

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6 hours ago, petermik said:

Lucky young man....buy a lottery ticket ASAP I,m sure your luck will continue 👍

going by his neck , the number will be 11

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15 hours ago, Bangkok Barry said:

Expecting anyone to do anything though is surely wishful thinking.

Yeh I rang TOT 10days ago and told them of their hanging cables outside my gate, i can just drive my car under them, further up my soi they hang down in my garden below a 2mt fence for around 25mt. Still waiting for their technician but maybe he's ran out of string to attach it to the power cables, like elsewhere along the road. Its always the Internet providers whom seem unable to attach a cable to all the posts, every other one maybe, if your lucky. rocket science it 'aint. :post-4641-1156694572:


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I will be fitting an upstanding Samurai sword to the front of my Kawasaki Versys to bolster the defensive Riot shield I currently have in place.

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I’m an idiot, my 3rd edit for punctuation
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They should do what the US Army did in WW2, attach a metal rod to the front of your bike to cut any low hanging wires.

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9 minutes ago, Stevey said:

I will be fitting an upstanding Samurai sword to the front of my Kawasaki Versys to bolster defences of the Riot shield I have I place currently. 

This is what we had in Belfast for wire cutting .3285857.jpg.1a7ab7a4a18fffd009793de5feeaa946.jpg

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