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Deadly Explosion at Fireworks Factory in Chiang Mai


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In a tragic incident, a fireworks factory in San Sai, Chiang Mai, was engulfed in flames following a massive explosion. The incident occurred at approximately 4:20 PM on November 15, 2023, at a factory located in Muang Khon village, Pa Phai sub-district. The explosion resulted in the total devastation of the building, with one casualty found on-site.


Responding immediately to the emergency signal, law enforcement and rescue teams arrived swiftly. At the scene, they were confronted with the wreckage of the building and a deceased individual, later identified as Tun Duangjit, a 65-year-old who owned the facility. The force of the blast inflicted extreme physical injuries, notably leading to the victim's dismemberment, reported Thai Rath.


Initial investigations suggest the factory, long known for manufacturing fireworks and firecrackers, had been producing a large quantity of goods in preparation for the upcoming Yi Peng festival, a traditional lantern festival. It is speculated that the rush to fulfill orders may have led to the fatal accident. 


At around 5:45 PM, San Sai District Chief Siwa Thomikanont, accompanied by local police and relevant authorities, inspected the site. They confirmed that the deceased was working alone in the warehouse attached to his home to prepare for the Yi Peng orders when the explosion occurred, completely destroying both the warehouse and the house.


Picture: Thai Rath


-- ASEAN NOW 2023-11-16


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On 11/16/2023 at 9:41 AM, lordblackader said:

It was a guy making rockets - it was not a "fireworks factory." 

From Thairath translated to English. "From the preliminary investigation, it is known that The factory has been making fireworks and firecrackers for a long time. And during this time, there are a lot of orders for fireworks and fireworks. "

"The scene of the incident was found to be a fireworks and firecracker making factory "


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