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Thailand braces for severe summer storms across 46 provinces


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Well I certainly hope so. We're in Nakhon Ratchasima and we haven't seen any rain for months, it's so dry and dusty everywhere, really horrible at the present time, a few days of tropical downpours would be most welcome, wash all the dirt and dust away....bring it on!

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6 hours ago, webfact said:

The Thai Meteorological Department has issued a severe weather warning as a summer storm is expected to hit 46 provinces, including Bangkok and its vicinity, from February 24 to 26

Bring it on, west of Bangkok it's stifling mid afternoon, 37-38C and little breeze, nights are only down to 25C making it very uncomfortable

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Hi, also in Nakhon Ratchasima and three big weather sites, Weather Channel, Windy and Wunderground are all saying something different. Maybe Thai Met Department knows something others don’t. Could be numbers on the lucky tree. We shall see.

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1 hour ago, Asquith Production said:

I would love to see the rain but it's the damaging winds I could do without

agreed, we generally lose power for a few hours in those strong winds, but some heavy rain would be wonderful.

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6 hours ago, yankyoakum said:

green and lush turning into brown and crispy...not a good sign 

It is only the start of the hot season, going to be brown and crispy for a long time yet, no more proper rain until ........it use to be the Songkran festival, but now it seems more like May, just the odd heavy shower, which is nice for a few hours the humidity kicks in not nice.

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