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Thailand Video News May 15: A 65 day hunger strike leads to activist's death


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1 **Political Activist's Death**: A Thai political activist, Kun NTIPA, died after a 65-day hunger strike in pre-trial detention. She was charged with lèse-majesté for criticizing Thailand's monarchy. Her death has sparked calls for vigilance and raised concerns about prison conditions and judicial standards.


2. **Violent Domestic Incident in Phuket**: A man in Phuket attacked his wife with an axe during an alcohol-fueled argument, causing her severe injuries. The incident highlights issues of domestic violence exacerbated by alcohol consumption.


3. **Scandal Involving a Former Monk**: A former monk, Kun Cidon, is accused of physical violence, coercion, and leaking nude images of his ex-girlfriend. This has led to severe backlash and legal actions under the computer crime act.


4. **Motocross Controversy**: A motocross group faces criticism for allegedly organizing an unauthorized event in a protected forest in Petchabun. There are conflicting reports about whether appropriate permissions were obtained.


5. **Hospital Director's Extreme Discipline**: A hospital director allegedly assaulted a teenage boy and forced him to strip as punishment for smoking in a no-smoking zone, leading to further conflict when the teen returned with a group to intimidate the hospital staff.


6. **Isaan Rocket Festival Incident**: A rocket from a traditional festival landed on a woman's lawn, causing her to suffer a panic attack and sparking calls for better safety measures at cultural events to avoid endangering the public.


7. **New Luxury Train Route in Vietnam**: Anantara has launched a luxury train route in Vietnam that offers scenic coastal views and high-end amenities, aiming to promote slow and sustainable tourism.


8. **Cryptocurrency for Remittances in the Philippines**: A new stablecoin, PHPC, pegged to the Philippine peso, has been introduced to facilitate cheaper and more efficient remittances for Filipinos living abroad, potentially saving them significant amounts in transaction fees.


Throughout the program, the hosts engage in discussions and provide their personal insights on these stories, occasionally injecting humor and banter to lighten the mood of some heavy topics.



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